Welcome to the 

Thank you for being a valuable part of Green Fields, 

we appreciate all that you do for the school! 

There will be multiple opportunities for the parent community to get involved in all of the amazing events that Green Fields. Check out the current opportunities below and if you have any questions, please feel free to email any of the Parent's Association contacts below!  

NEXT MEETING- Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

5:00pm in the GF Library

followed by the STAR PARTY at 6:00


PA President: Harmony Hays PA-President@greenfields.org

PA Vice-President: Laura Evans PA-VicePresident@greenfields.org

PA Treasurer: Laurie Knecht  PA-Treasurer@greenfields.org

PA Recording Secretary: Meaghan Marshall PA-RecSecretary@greenfields.org

PA Corresponding Secretary: Katie Snider PA-CorrSecretary@greenfields.org

Athletic Boosters Chair: Kelly Arizmendi  Arizmendi@parents.greenfields.org

Fine Arts Booster Chair: Michelle Klawunn michelle.klawunn@greenfields.org

Room Parents for 2016-2017

K -  Jennifer Oswald                                          oswald@parents.greenfields.org

1st -  Susan Hutchinson                                    Lee@parents.greenfields.org

2nd -  Karrie Mitchell / Harmony Hays                seemiller-mitchell@arents.greenfields.org  and lagemann@parents.greenfields.org

3rd -  Joe Romanov                                          romanov@parents.greenfields.org

4th -  Dawn Armstrong / Cristina Greenburg       armstrong@parents.greenfields.org  and greenberg@parents.greenfields.org 

5th -  Rachel Thrall                                           thrall@parents.greenfields.org

6th -  Tania Hinojosa                                        marcos@parents.greenfields.org

7th -  Rachel Ivanyi/Linda Abedian                     ivanyi@parents.greenfields.org  and abedian@parents.greenfields.org

8th -  Kelly Arizmendi/Meredith Savin                 arizmendi@parents.greenfields.org and savin@parents.greenfields.org

9th -  Stephanie Olson                                      olson@parents.greenfiels.

10th - Sara Wei                                               Xu@parents.greenfields.org

11thTorrey Postal                                         postal@parents.greenfields.org

12th -   Laurie Knecht                                      schmidt@parents.greenfields.org

Teachers and Homeroom Advisors for 2016-2017 

K - Katie Bindschadler       kbindschadler@greenfields.org

1st - Sue Merry                smerry@greenfields.org

2nd - Emily Penning          epenning@greenfields.org

3rd - Sabina Vaswani        svaswani@greenfields.org

4th - Nancy Bonsall          nbonsall@greenfields.org

5th - Katie Snider             ksnider@greenfields.org      

6th Michelle Klawunn     michelle.klawunn@greenfields.org;  Chloe Weeks              cweeks@greenfields.org 

7thMickey Nugent        mnugent@greenfields.org;    Terese Dennison         tdennison@greenfields.org

8th - Kimberly King         kking@greenfields.org;        Caroline Fioramanti     cfioramanti@greenfields.org

9th - Lesa Randall           lrandall@greenfields.org;     Gala Purwin                gpurwin@greenfields.org 

10th - Robin Morales       rmorales@greenfields.org;    Gabe Reyes                greyes@greenfields.org

11th - Jane Buckman      jbuckman@greenfields.org;   Greg Moore               gmoore@greenfields.org

12th - Tere Gygax           tgygax@greenfields.org;       Benoit Attinost           battinost@greenfields.org